Creativities Unfold, Bangkok 2016


27 October – 30 October 2016

As the world evolves and intermixes, here comes the era of Grand World Mix resulting in the integration of knowledge-sharing and cross-professional collaboration between physical, digital science and creativity. This change is transforming human from the inside not only at the surface level. Nowadays “fast” became “slow” and it is replaced by “immediate”.

Inevitably, Internet becomes the fifth basic need. Yet the key to the heart of consumers is still the insightful consumer-in-mind design for the user-friendly innovation. Meanwhile, we are stepping over the touchscreen to virtual reality. The new wave like startups is prompt to disrupt any conservative industries.

Things are rapidly moving forward. Eventually, the day when Artificial Intelligence (AI) can finally think and work on its own, completely replacing human workforce. All of these affect one another. What will be the consequence of this phenomenon? CU2016 is presenting the key factors of the change in both social and economic context under the topic of “EXIT”. Participants will understand the starting point, the current happening while visualizing the new exit and future possible opportunities.