27 OCTOBER 2016

Auditorium and Workshop, TCDC

Get a hands-on experience with international experts.

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2016 International Workshop

Digital scaffolding
by Jussi Ängeslevä

In the digital era, our everyday life is influenced by technology which goes far beyond mobile interfaces and internet access. In the workshop, participants will sit together and examine the making of example projects from the studio, and expand the way of thinking to everyday challenges. The participants are invited to bring the idea to the table. The insights about where to leverage computational design, iterative prototyping and approaches from different disciplines are introduced. And practical cases will be brought in by the participants will be introduced. Beyond the speculative theorizing, the workshop aims to look at practical ways in which “digital thinking” can be more integrated in a wide variety of creative professions.


Remark: 1. Conducted in English 2. Please bring along your laptop

2016 International Workshop

Mapping masses/Messy mapping
by Catalogtree

In the next 40 years we will build as much urban fabric as we have built in the past 10,000 years of human history. This development is driven by a massive migration of people to the city. Now more than half of the world populations live in the city and this number is growing.

This poses an interesting challenge for graphic design: if at all, how could we map and visualize this development?

It is tempting to think that through the massive amounts of data being collected and stored today, it will be a matter of computing power and clever visualization. However, cities and the residents, are messy to the core. And so is the data collected about them.
In this session, we would like to embrace this as a quality and propose a messy, more subjective and collaborative mapping of the city, and have a closer look at the unintended outcomes and inconsistencies when people observe their surroundings.


Remark: 1. Conducted in English 2. Please bring along your laptop