7 – 8 September 2013

Scala Theater, Siam Square, Bangkok

Join experience and knowledge sharing sessions facilitated by designers and thinkers who can take varying ingredients to create products and services that can respond to humans’ increasingly complex needs.

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Hide & Seek Creative Insight

7 September 2013

Try putting yourself in consumers’ shoes. Listen and seek for hidden needs to achieve new creative views that are conducive to the designs that can improve quality of life in the community and national levels.

Yoon C Lee

Vice President, Samsung Electronics America’s Global Product Innovation Team (PIT)


Yoon C. Lee is Vice President of Samsung Electronics America’s Global Product Innovation Team (PIT), the team behinds the innovative Samsung’s DualView camera which focuses on lifestyles of young consumers, self – shooting and sharing photos on social media, apart from camera’s image quality and specification.

PIT was established in 2006 in Silicon Valley, followed by other teams in London, Delhi, Beijing and Singapore. The primary mission was to change Samsung’s consumer – facing product development process from engineering driven to consumer driven by using a New Concept Development (NCD) process that all business units could implement and execute when innovating new products and services.

Using consumer insight, market – driven technologies and innovation for commercialisation to develop production and solution concepts is what PIT is focusing today.

Yoon has more than 20 years’ experience in many areas of product design and development, from product strategy, design research, ideation, user experience and concept development to engineering and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). He began his career designing robots for automotive applications at FANUC Robotics in Michigan, a leading industrial robot manufacturer and was a product development and innovation consultant at major management consulting companies, PRTM (PwC) and Accenture before leading product innovation at Samsung.

Yoon earned his PhD in Mechanical Engineering and Product Design from the University of California, Berkeley.



Chris Downs

Principal, Method’s London Studio


Chris Downs is one of the very first service design pioneers in UK. He co-founded live|work, the world’s first service design agency in 2001 and is now a Principal of Method’s London studio, an international experience design firm focused on creating inspired products, services and experiences to solve business challenges through design thinking.

With service design experience, Downs is notable for his perspective on building brands and products that live through every touchpoint of the user experience and for the products’ ‘servicization’, the process of treating product as a service, which leads to a more financially, socially and environmentally sustainable future. He has delivered disruptive service to clients including Streetcar (now Zipcar), Orange, Vodafone, Fiat, Aviva, Experian and Nokia.

Moreover, interaction design and the impact of data are also another Downs’ specialized field apart from service design. He was part of the start-up team behind the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, in Italy and currently teaches at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. He describes himself as ‘obsessive’ about data because he believes that data is a valuable raw material that can fuel new product and service innovation.

Downs received BA (Hons) in Product Design from Glasgow School of Art and MA in Interaction Design from Royal College of Art.


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Don Tae Lee

Co–President, Tangerine


Don Tae Lee is a Co-President of Tangerine, a London-based strategic design consultancy which aims to improve customer experience, to raise brand value and to deliver rapid return on investment by using design strategy.

One of the most famous works of Tangerine is the rearranged seating configuration for the British Airways’ business class cabin. It has increased the airways’ annual profit by $738 million and won the Interior Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) Grand Prix in 2001. With this success, Tangerine was selected again in 2010, together with Forpeople, to generate, develop and design a new seating and service offer for BA’s first class cabin.

Before becoming a Co-President of Tangerine in 2005, Don was appointed as vice president and took over responsibility of the Asian region in 2003. One year later, he established Tangerine’s office in Seoul.

As an expert of design strategy and innovation consulting for major global companies such as British Airways, LG, Toyota, P&G, Panasonic and Transport for London, Don was chosen to be a Design Master of Samsung’s Engineering & Construction Group from 2006 to 2012 and is now visiting professor at Beijing City University and Associate Professor at Hongik Univeristy.

Don graduated from Hongik University, majoring in Industrial Design and received his MA in Design Products from the Royal College of Art.



Dai Fujiwara



Dai Fujiwara is a world renowned designer and textile engineer whose works focus on the possibilities of new technologies and fabrics.

After graduation from Tama Art University, Fujiwara joined the Miyake Design Studio in 1994 as a member of Issey Miyake Paris collection team. His creative ideas fostered various lines of Issey Miyake. In 1998, he and Miyake introduced “A-POC” (a Piece of Cloth) which is considered as the revolution of fashion industry and won the Good Design Grand Prize in 2000. Fujiwara received the Mainichi Design Award in 2003 for this project as well.

Fujiwara was appointed as Vice President of Issey Miyake Design Studio, Creative Director for Issey Miyake, and Issey Miyake Men, Issey Miyake Fete respectively. He stepped down from Issey Miyake in 2011.

Fujiwara went on a journey in South American jungle for “Colour Hunting” project. From the thought of “begin with colours”, the team captured colours from nature and had pieces of cloth dyed to match the colours of sky, rivers, leaves, etc. This shows the possibilities of colour and that the cooperation among different professionals can create new design. The result of Colour Hunting is currently exhibited in Tokyo.

Fujiwara founded DAIFUJIWARA AND COMPANY (DAI & CO.) in 2008 and continues to work on his own projects.



Lost & Found Creative Business

8 September 2013

Discover design methodology from overlooked angles to achieve creative product and business design.



Marc Stickdorn

Editor and co-author of “Service Design and Tourism” and “This Is Service Design Thinking”


Marc Stickdorn is an editor and co-author of This is Service Design Thinking. Not only introducing beginners and students an inter-disciplinary approach to designing services, his book also provides experienced design professionals with wider knowledge through interesting case studies, service design tools and short articles by various contributors.

He is specialised in service design and strategic marketing management particularly in a tourism context. He co-founded Destinable, a consultancy specialising in service design for tourism, co-researched and co-wrote Service Design and Tourism and has also developed service design tools such as myServiceFellow (a mobile ethnography application), Smaply (a web-based software to support service innovation processes) and Customer Journey Canvas (a template for service processes).

Since 2008, Marc has been working as a service design and service innovation lecturer at Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) in Austria, a top educational institution in the field of Economic and Social Sciences ranked by CHE University Ranking 2011.

Marc received his MA in Strategic Tourism Management and Marketing from the University of Trier and is now doing his PhD in Information Systems – Innovation and Value Creation at University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany.



Andy Miah

founder and Director, Creative Futures Institute


Andy Miah is a Chief of Ethics and Emerging Technologies at the University of the West of Scotland where he is also founder and Director of the Creative Futures Institute, an interdisciplinary research institute that generates original insights about innovation, creativity and culture.

Miah’s research focuses on using the themes of science, technology, art, media and culture to generate the groundbreaking topics concerning the bio-ethical and cultural issues ranging from human enhancement, emerging technologies, new media, to sports. One of his projects is “#media2012”, which explored the cultural phenomena of converging technologies and wireless connectivity to create the largest open-source platform of the London 2012 Olympics Games.

Apart from being professor and researcher, Miah is also lecturer, author and journalist. He joined over 100 major conferences around the world and wrote 150 academic articles in refereed journals, books, magazines, and national and international media press on the subjects of digital media, medicine, technology and sport in The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, The Guardian and The Independent.

He is currently part of a European Commission project called Digital Futures 2050 as well as a Fellow of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies in USA and Fellow at FACT, Foundation for Art and Creative Technology.

Miah received a First Class honour in BA in Leisure Studies and a Ph.D. in Bioethics from De Montfort University and a M.Phil. in Medical Law and Ethics from University of Glasgow.


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Udom Taepanich

artist and stand-up comedian


Udom Taepanich is one of the pioneers who popularised stand-up comedy in Thailand. Drawn from his sharp insights on what happens around us, his humour is able to connect with people from all walks of life.

His ability to observe and comment on little things in everyday life that people usually overlook such as stories about his mother, neighbours, woman habits and even a motorcycle taxi queue; together with his knack for capturing social trends enable Udom to share these experiences in a funny yet sophisticated way. More importantly, he always speaks exactly what is on the audience’s mind.

Udom has many talents. He was an art editor and a columnist for renowned magazines such as Piyanyai before he made his debut in the entertainment business as “Sena Note” in Yutthakarn Kayap Nguek show. He is the author of over 20 bestsellers and a stage/screen actor who won a Kom Chad Luek Award for Best Actor in 2006 from a film titled “Kot Rak Eng Loei”. Udom is also active in the art scene, creating artwork that had been displayed in many exhibitions at home and abroad.

Naoto Fukasawa

Product Designer


Designing shape is to give form to values that people tacitly share and wish for. Naoto Fukasawa visually captures these values and he draws the exact outline of them. His ability for visualising such unseen outlines for things is not easily worded and described, nonetheless, people are convinced with his ability when they experience his design.

Fukasawa’s notions and expressions to approach essential values of things through design travel beyond borders or domains and his thoughts are well respected internationally. His concept for finding hints in subconscious behaviour of people which he named “Without Thought”, is most known and he runs “Without Thought” workshops to share his thoughts.

Fukasawa collaborates with world leading companies and brands in such countries as Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Scandinavian countries and Asian countries while consulting Japanese leading companies locally. His area of work is broad and he works with various fields in design beyond categories.Consulting works for Japanese companies are mainly focused on evaluating their cooperate strategies in line with the mean of sociality and how we define quality of life in order to direct the companies towards where society is inevitably heading. Such consulting work extends as far as to visualise design for their products which marks the company’s social responsibilities as well as to visualise their cooperate strategies and Fukasawa‘s work for consulting has led them to many successful results.