Creativities Unfold, Bangkok 2015


decode: design: disrupt

8 August – 13 September 2015

Today, the world is stepping into the third Industrial Revolution: from the beginning of steam-powered machinery and textile industry; to the golden age of manufacturing driven by moving assembly lines; to the era where digital technology and digital fabrication play an essential role in the manufacturing system, transitioning from mass production into mass customization, which is a major structural change.

Large-scale factories are not always an advantage nor a limitation to entrepreneurs.
On the contrary, production in small spaces at distribution spots, which can bring intimacy to customer relationships so that products and services can be tailored to customers’ individual needs, is what really matters in entrepreneurship now.

These changes are attributable to digital technology advancement as it creates new online consumption behaviors. Big data used to develop more innovative and precise business, co-creation mindset, open source platform, digital fabrication and direct access to investors are the reasons for several projects to come into existence and keep driving creative workers and startups to get started and flourish.

Focusing  on this  phenomen  on that  takes  the  world  by storm and continues  to  lead  us  towards  new  lifestyles and future,Bangkok Creative Festival, CU  2015, presents  the  concepts  and  works of  visionary,  thinker and  designers who are  behind  current  social  and  economic  changes  under  the  theme  “CU 2015  SHIFT  decode:design:disrupt”.

The symposium will shed light on the beginning in the past, to envision possibilities and opportunities in the present, so that we can prepare and adjust for things to come in the near future.