Creativities Unfold, Bangkok 2018


Stepping ahead of the curve.


See the big picture and step up to the new rhythm of change in the digital age, where technology is revolutionising business and changing our way of life faster than you might think.Creativities Unfold 2018, Soon

During the past decade, several phenomena have emerged to change our world in many
dimensions and with increasing complexity: from frog-leaping technology advancements that
are changing our way of life to unexpected intergenerational attitudes and social responses.

“Self-driving cars will wipe out driver’s jobs, just like how many businesses and services now use artificial intelligence to replace or work with humans.”

“Shopping malls are dying while online retail giant Amazon is opening physical bookstores and grocery stores.”

“The UK is set to leave the EU, the US charts an “America First” policy, while China launches the “One Belt, One Road” initiative to build the new Silk Road linking Asia, Africa and Europe.”

For everyone, understanding both the current and future states of the new digital world
will give you an edge when it comes to making decisions that might change the course of your
life: from creating a vision to turn risk into opportunity, developing business strategy to gain competitive timing advantage, to choosing a career and living well in society.

Join the renown thinkers, creators, entrepreneurs and policy makers heading the major
current and future movements to understand the big picture and stay in step with the new global rhythm in CU 2018 on the theme of “Pulse: Stepping ahead of the Curve”.